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Tuesday, March 25, 2008 at 02:29PM
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Death Defying ActsOne can only wonder if Harry Houdini would recognize himself in the new film from Gillian Armstrong starring Guy Pierce and Catherine Zeta Jones. Having only opened in Australia to date, one must rely on such reviews as appear at ABC North Australia. According to the reviewer, "The two strands are melded together by a rather unbelievable romance plot. Zeta Jones and Pearce do have a chemistry together, that's not the problem. It's more to do with a script which seems to take Houdini for a love sick fool who's entranced in an instant by a woman who doesn't care for him until he performs some magic tricks, like making coins disappear and balancing off high buildings. It's all a little corny. And the sad thing is that there's the kernel of a very exciting story, or stories, buried within it."
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