Jillette Vanishes from Dancing with the Stars
Wednesday, March 26, 2008 at 08:35AM
Dodd Vickers in magician
Magician Penn Jillette was revealed as one of the first competitors to be eliminated from the popular celebrity competition Dancing with the Stars. During the episode, the Las Vegas Magician staged a mock protest in front of the audience saying, "I want to be clear, we are not giving up. We're going to rehearse all week, and we will be back there dancing in the parking lot." In an interview on Good Morning America, the 6 foot 6-inch-tall Penn joked, "It's very odd to be doing this the best way you can with somebody and not be able to see them. You know, Kym's here"pointing to his chest.  In other articles he discussed physical limitations which he felt contributed to his loss. "Both of my feet are broken and that's true. I broke one in high school. And I broke one in '83 on stage at the Roxie; so, each of them is broken. I'm also huge. I'm the biggest person that's ever been on the show in terms of weight and height." Penn lost fifty pounds before joining the show's cast.
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