The Man in the Iron Mask Escapes
Thursday, March 27, 2008 at 08:42AM
Dodd Vickers in Escapeologist, Houdini
Iron MaskMuch like the many challenges faced by Houdini during his career as an escapologist, British magician Danny Hunt was dared by a local fabricator to escape from a contraption or original design. In an article from the Scarborough Evening News, Chris Deighton, manager of Nor-Wal Fabrications said, "I thought I could make something which he would find hard to get out of so I made the mask for him. It is very heavy and when I made it I thought there was no chance he could get out of here." Hunt was first padlocked into the mask then handcuffed. He agreed to wear the mask for a full twenty four hours if he failed to free himself from all constraints in under five minutes. Two minutes and forty five seconds later, he was free.
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