Sneaking into the Magic Castle
Sunday, March 30, 2008 at 02:04PM
Dodd Vickers in academy of magical arts, genii, hollywood, magic history
Magic CastleIt is no secret to the magic community that the land on which the Magic Castle rests is up for sale Mr ayers relates his efforts to gain admittance to the Castle and shares a bit of his experience after doing so with bogus credentials. Leading with a few antidotes about the secret entrance and talking urinals, he highlights the concerns that many have for the future of the castle as it is today. Reportedly, the asking price for the land on which the castle and Yamashiro's Restaurant are situated is $70 million. The castle building itself is protected as "Los Angeles Historic-Cultural Monument since 1989  and efforts are underway to have Yamashiro's receive the same protection. The castle was originally built in 1908 by Rollin B Lane who owned much of the land that would become Hollywood. It was taken over in 1961 by Milt Larsen whose father William Larsen Sr. published Genii Magazine. The Castle has since become the world-famous "home" to the Academy of Magical Arts and their invited guests.   ARTICLE:: The Magic Castle May Disappear 
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