Is a New Magic Themed Resort to be Conjured for Vegas Strip?
Tuesday, April 1, 2008 at 11:14AM
Dodd Vickers in vegas
The magic word Abracadabra will conjure a new magic themed hotel on the Vegas strip according to Robin Leach in his Luxe Life column in Las Vegas Magazine. In a recent piece, he revealed plans for an all-magic resort & casino set for the Strip. Code named “Abracadabra” plans are for a ground breaking in two years with a grand opening four years away. According to Leach, Abracadabra will present a unique Madhatters Party with everything set upside down. Guests will enter from the top floor and literally “slide” down through a magical kingdom to check in at ground level. He goes on to say that Everyone you meet on staff from valet-parkers to bellmen to the concierge and check-in receptionists will be masterful magicians, card-trick conjurers, wondrous wizards and even princes of prestidigitation.  The plans also call for one close-up entertainment room with an hourly show, several larger performing venues and a museum with the world’s largest collection of magic memorabilia—even if the bankers have to buy out David Copperfield’s warehouse. The planners told Robin that, “Vegas has more magicians here than any other city in the world so staffing will be easy and we’re going to lure a lot of headline names away from other resorts for our main showrooms. This will be the world’s centerpiece hotel for magic.”(Note: This story is pure fabrication. It was posted to Mr. Leach's column as an April Fool's Joke.) ARTICLE:: Abracadabra Hotel Casts a Magic Spell Over The StripRETRACTION:: Strip Scribbles For April 2, 2008 
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