Warning for David Blaine
Tuesday, April 1, 2008 at 10:35AM
Dodd Vickers in David Blaine, magician, street magic
Keith RichardsDavid Blain has been getting an earful of advice from Rolling Stone's rocker Keith Richards. After hearing to Blaine's plans to attempt to break the world' record for sleep deprivation later this year, Richards offered a warning to the magician by telling reporters that he thought that he had managed to stay awake for more than nine days back in the 70's thanks to some chemical assistance. He reveals, "On the ninth day I was putting a tape into a tape deck. In 0.3 of a second I fell asleep and crashed head-first into a JVC speaker, smashing my nose apart. I just lay there and let it bleed. It was a chemical thing. (No kidding Keith!) Blaine plans to attempt his next stunt as part of an ABC special scheduled for release in September. SOURCE ARTICLE:: Richard's Sleep Warning for Blaine 
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