"BELIEVE" in Angel's Double Dilemma
Friday, April 11, 2008 at 06:06PM
Dodd Vickers in magician
In his Vegas Luxe Life Column, Robin Leach ponders the ability of Illusionist Criss Angel to resolve the dilemma of their relationship should she win the crown. According to Leach, "The striking couple have literally been inseparable since meeting earlier this year—even going dirt-bike riding together up in Red Rock Canyon. I’ve seen them together a number of times at the Luxor where he lives and at both the Cathouse restaurant and loungerie and LAX nightclub."  In his column, Leach goes on to say, “He wants her to win. He’s very proud of her,” one of Criss’ friends told me.” But if she wins it’ll be a year before they are really together again. She’d be based in Manhattan and will travel the world as the ambassador of Miss USA. That’s a tough spot for two people who care very much about each other to find themselves in.”  Of much interest to those that follow such things is the debate as to the name of his new $150 million Cirque du Soleil  show at the Luxor. Leach casually refers to it in teh column as "Believe," but Criss reserves comment on the official moniker until a future press release. The show is It’s tentatively set to open in previews on July 31 with a gala opening penciled in for September 12.
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