Sensationalism Smacks You Back!
Tuesday, April 15, 2008 at 11:12AM
Dodd Vickers in magician
norm clarkeAs reported yesterday, Las Vegas Review Journal columnist Norm Clarke and the Luxor's golden boy are apparently at war.  The Vegas Eye, calls Clarke's story on the supposed incidents between himself and Criss Angel "the usual Clarke school of sensational journalism." Politz goes on to  question the accuracy of Clarke's reporting on the details of the incident and says, "Funny how Clarke doesn’t like being called names or being picked on about a disability. However, Clarke has no problem calling others names.  Do you Norm? or is that plus size Norm?" In addition, Robin Leach, as he'd promised in his posts yesterday, mentioned that he'd be asking for statements from all parties on the actual facts of the encounter. In today's column, Leach says, "My request for a candid conversation to clear up the accusations was turned down by his management people saying: “Just let it go away and be forgotten. There is nothing to be gained by rehashing it now. It’s a case of no comment.” Apparently from here on in he just wants to focus on his new $150-million Cirque du Soleil magic spectacular,Believe, for which rehearsals begin today (TUES) for the first time in the new Luxor Theater."  Additional coverage can be found on this topic in an article from the Los Angeles Times for those that can't get enough.
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