Add a Little Rock & Roll to Some Grapes & You Get Magic!
Thursday, April 17, 2008 at 04:43PM
Dodd Vickers in magician
Given my personal appreciation for a nice glass of wine, I was particularly appreciative after receiving an email from Robert in Atlanta. In his message, he made me aware of a new way to enjoy one of my passions during dinner, without being asked to pick a card.  At first glance, the story that was sent to me would seem that a passion for the art of magic had inspired someone to create a winery, but the  actual roots are found in the spirit of Rock & Roll.  "Sleight of Hand Winery" was inspired by the Pearl Jam song of the same name. Like the dreamer that is the subject of the ballad, Trey Busch, formerly of Dunham Cellars and Basel Cellars in Walla Walla, has started to belnd a bit of magic with some Rock & Roll. According to the article sent to me by Robert, Busch was also found inspriation for the winery's image on the web. "I found this great Web site of vintage magic posters and thought 'those would make great labels, so I hired a concert poster designer I knew in Seattle to make us our label using the older vintage magic posters as inspiration." Embracing the Bordeaux tradition of "vin de garage," the Walla Wall based winery is has updated their website to conform with their magical roots. Our first vintage with the Gewürztraminer (Magician) and the red table wine (Spellbinder) are négociant projects," Busch explained. "I put the blends together on both of these wines using multiple lots of wines from several other wineries to really make a 'style' of wine that I thought would appeal to a lot of people. Both wines are food wines - low oak profile, low alcohol, and both wines are fruit forward with super soft tannins."   
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