First Look! David Blaine Lions
Friday, April 18, 2008 at 11:07PM
Dodd Vickers in magician
The gang from Theory 11 are back with another "anticipation" marketing plan. This time they are promoting a new David Blaine "Splt Spades" deck, aka "The Lions," to be released tonight at 11 pm. Stay tuned to their website for details they say... but ... well.. I am getting a bit tired. Hell, I rarely use anything other than a traditional Rider or Bee deck when I am doing an effect. I love flourishes and beautiful card designs, but outside of  our community, few have ever seen them. I continue to be one of those traditionalists that say to themselves, "If it doesn't look like a common object, people will likely think it's gimmicked." Will I buy one..? Probably. But it is more likely to find a nice cozy home on my shelf next to Vernons's 80th Birthday cards, Mullica Tom Foolery's, my Magic Castle Cards, my other Blaine, Ricky Jay, Ghost, Centurions and Tiger decks where they will remain in pristine condition. Never to be used to perform but rather as interesting sidenotes in the history of playing card design. Today, most people are comfortably familiar with Bee, Bycicle and the varied promotional cards that most magicians would be ashamed to be seen with bearing the logo of their favorite libation or cute little kittens. As much as I may love the look of such "traditional" playing cards as the Bicycle Holiday, League (aka Propeller,) Angel Backs, Squeezers, Tally Ho Circles, and Aristocats, I am equally unlikely ever to bee see performing an effect with a deck of such design unless somone pulls them out of a drawer and hands them to me  saying, "Show me something." I feel much the same about beautiful and complex card flourishes, but will spare you the pain of that sermon until another time.  
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