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An Audience Made Speechless - Or was it?

ellis websterAccording to an article from the Australian Site, an Audience was silenced when the beer bottle trick went wrong during a performance of Tim Ellis' show Something About Razorblades and Nails . Accoring to the paper,after an accident during the show, audience members had to sign a confidentiality agreement to stop them revealing details. "Ellis confirmed that a trick did not go to plan but said he could not reveal any more details "out of respect for the others involved," says the author. "It has never happened before and it is not something we would expect to happen again," he said."No one was seriously hurt. A lot of magicians have secrecy agreements on stand-by in case something goes wrong." Ellis responds to media inquires with regard to the incident on his blog saying, "People do get hurt during the show - on screen - in the video prelude to INSANITY (maybe they got confused between what they saw on the screen and what they saw on stage) - but as far as I know no-one (other than me!) has been hurt seriously or otherwise during my show. (Someone in the audience did have a seizure, but that was in the show next door). As far as secrecy agreements go, we will not require anyone to sign anything, either secrecy agreements or waivers, when attending the show so please feel free to come along.

ARTICLE:: Crowd Watches Magic Trick Go 'Horribly Wrong'
Tim Ellis' Blog:: Magic Unlimited with Webster & Ellis 

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