UPDATE :: Magicians 2, Pirates 0 !
Sunday, April 20, 2008 at 10:19AM
Dodd Vickers in magician
As posted on April 16thJames L Clark, the founder of Black's Magic Group & Street Magic Magazine has decided to launch a personal war on anyone prating magic and making it freely available in an unauthorized manner.  In a detailed post at the Genii Forums, Clark responded to the thread with an update on his efforts and an outline of his purpose and motivation. In the post, James says, "After turning my interest on another site, I was able to negotiate a win/win solution where some 18,000 members will be cut off from a forum that collectively (which is far more egregious than say a torrent site where individuals must search for what they want rather than having it served up to them) has worked together to pirate thousands of titles from Richard's books (yes, they scan them from front to back and post them as PDFs) to DVDs produced with gimmicks, wherein the latter was diagrammed and details for manufacturing have been provided. The site owner and I actually get along well, and in this case, he's not a college student who already knows everything, but rather a grown man who has similar interests to my own. We were able to agree on many things, and that resulted in us looking for a solution together, which I'm happy to report is moving forward. Two down."
Article originally appeared on The Magic Newswire (http://www.linkingpage.com/).
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