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Blaine to Try Again

In May of 2005, David Blaine failed in his attempt to hold his breath underwater for nine minutes as he staged his "Drowned Alive" stunt, but did manage seven minutes and eight seconds. From the NY Times, and an email from our friend Justin at, we learn that he'll try again on the Oprah show when he'll attempt sixteen minutes without breathing in front of a panel of observers from the Guinness Book of World Records. The article also mentions that David, as a part of his training regimen, has been sleeping in a Hypoxic Tent in his NY Apartment. This was previously mentioned in an article from the New York Magazine profiling Blaine's roommate, Director Harmony Korine. In recent training with Dr. Potkin, known for training free divers in this skill, he is said to have lasted for sixteen minutes and nine seconds, five seconds short of the current Guinness World Record. In a related column from the Science section of the NY Times, John Tierney relates his experience in attempting the feat after observing Blaine in Training. 

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