Elijah, Designated Drinker
Friday, April 4, 2008 at 10:36AM
Dodd Vickers in Illusionist, Misc, magician
During the Passover holiday, a cup is filled for Elijah and sits on the table until the contents are washed away after the end of the meal. Magician Kerry Pollock has helped Marc Jaffe develop a cup that drinks itself for this year's feast. The contents of the "Elijah Drinks Cup" slowly vanish as the meal progresses after the secret mechanism is engaged. "I'm looking forward to seder because it would be the first time to have it in action in its own context," said Jaffe, who is expecting "laughs from adults and amazement from kids." The cup sells for $34.95 at his websiteArticle::  Enter Elijah, Designated Drinker
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