Kreskin on Stage in Baltimore
Friday, April 4, 2008 at 10:04AM
Dodd Vickers in mentalist
The Amazing Kreskin is set to appear on the stage of the Westchester Broadway Theatre on April 29th. An article from Broadway Wold offers little insight into what to expect from the show, but does mention that Kreskin is working on his thirteenth book, his memoirs. It goes on to say, "Kreskin is also a voracious reader capable of consuming an average novel in less than 15 minutes with remarkable retention. In fact, in certain casinos, he is banned from the card tables, not, they say, because of his mind reading skills, but because of Kreskin's ability to memorize four decks of cards at once!" Tickets are $73 and include both dinner and the show. Article:: The Amazing Kreskin at Westchester Broadway Theatre 
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