Thursday, June 19, 2008 at 07:28AM
Dodd Vickers in magician
Each year, magicians start making appearances at libraries around the country in order to promote summer reading programs. Mac King leads the charge Mac King when he performs for Nevada students this Saturday morning at the North Las Vegas Library and then the Aliante Library. Here's the list of other magic appearances published in this weeks news:  
  1. Summer Readers' Party with Peter Boie, Magician for Non-Believers
  2. Magician Dan Chan practices some light-fingered trickery 
  3. Magic show with magician Jeff Evans
  4. Magician Chad Crews had audiences under his spell...
  5. Magician Tony Daniels
  6. Children were in awe of the illusions of magician Russell Davis...
  7. A magic show by local magician Caleb Johnston 
  8. Shawn McMaster presents a unique blend of comedy and magic
  9. Magician John Abrams presents the "Amazing Animal Magic Show"
  10. David Moreland as an entomologist in search of mischievous insect
  11. Magician Cheri Kay
  12. Fish the Magish
  13. The Magic of Alan Arita
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