Friday, June 6, 2008 at 08:45AM
Dodd Vickers in magician
Diggnation LIVE in New York City was a massive hit according to Appscout.com which reports, "For those not in the know,Diggnation is the wildly popular, weekly online videocast hosted by DiggFounder and Chief Architect Kevin Rose and Alex Albrecht. The show covers tech and whatever else interest the hosts (who mostly just sit on a coach with their laptops, drink beer and talk). If there was any question about the wide-spread popularity of the show, it was answered by the line winding around the corner to the entrance of the Brooklyn nightspot Digg chose for the event." Scam School host Brian Brushwood served as the opening act for the event. "One of the newest [shows] , Scam School, is all about scamming, bar tricks, street cons and so on. Show host and magician Brian Brushwood served as the first "act" and proceeded to eat fire, put pins in his eyes and hammer a nail into his nose. The crowd ate it up, I felt a little sick." CLICK PLAY TO LISTEN TO BRIAN ON MNW - 06.02.08 ALONG WITH PUSSYCAT DOLL KIMBERLY WYATT (Subcribe to the "Magic Newswire" via iTunes HERE.)
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