Tuesday, August 19, 2008 at 09:17AM
Dodd Vickers in magician

The new crop of gritty, dark and yet funny magicians is discussed in an article from Metro.co.uk which profiles Barry And Stuart (above); Pete Firman (above right); Jerry Sadowitz (below right). "Magic, once the home of cheese and shazam, is cool again. It's also dark, dirty and disturbing. Jesus might have been a kick-ass magician, but this latest crop of thaumaturgists are the devil's work," says Mickey Noonan.  'I guess it's the closest comparison to what we do,' affirms MacLeod. 'It's a throwback to vaudeville but with a dark edge, and that notion of subverting a trick by making it bloody really appeals to us.'

Article originally appeared on The Magic Newswire (http://www.linkingpage.com/).
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