Monday, September 29, 2008 at 10:10AM
Dodd Vickers in magician
Dan Hauss and Dan White received a bit of recognition for their role as consultants on David Blaine's latest special in an article from Philly.com. "Dan Hauss and Dan White were behind the matchbook/card trick that illusionist David Blaine performed on his "Dive of Death" special last week. Hauss, of Bensalem, and White, of Center City, developed the transposition trick and showed it to Blaine in his New York apartment earlier this year. While the "Dive of Death" was a dud, this trick wowed the New Orleans family for whom Blaine performed it, and Hauss and White receive royalties from Blaine as well as from "Lit" tricks sold in magic shops. Hauss declined to reveal how much Blaine paid the guys for their magicians consultant services, saying only "We made good money off it." Hauss and White regularly take their act to the bars around Center City on weekends"
Article originally appeared on The Magic Newswire (http://www.linkingpage.com/).
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