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curtis200The Magic Castle hosted a tribute to Tony Curtis this weekend which include Tony and his family meeting and seeing magicians perform at the Castle, then having a meet-and-greet with fans, followed by a Houdini séance performance. Today, the movie "Houdini" will be screened and followed followed by a Q&A with Curtis. (OC Register)  Of the event, Tony said, "Saturday night, I magically appeared on stage during a magic show and then gave a Q and A about my life in movies. It was a wonderful, and sold out audience and we all had a great time. I signed books and sold and signed artwork, posters, and photos. I have always loved Magic and the Magic Castle is really a cool place to be. I am hoping to come here on a more regular basis..."  According to Houdini's Ghost who provided a synopsis of his experience at the event in the Genii Forums, " Tony talked at length about playing Houdini. He talked about working with George Boston, loving magic as a kid, and the little magic tricks his father used to do. He did a cigarette vanish and re-appearance for us. He spoke amusingly about Dunninger's work (?) on the picture. He called Dunninger (affectionately): "The biggest bag of wind I ever met," and described a cold reading Dunninger had thrown at him based on the fact that Dunninger had learned that Tony's brother Julius had died four years earlier. His imitation of Dunninger was wonderful, and Tony expressed his admiration for old Joe. He talked about his Hungarian parents, growing up in the Bronx, joining the Navy at seventeen. Going to Hollywood. At times it was emotional, particularly when he talked about Marilyn Monroe." TONY CURTIS AS HOUDINI:
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