Monday, October 12, 2009 at 03:31PM
Dodd Vickers

I received a link to this video today along with an email from Marco Tempest explaining his position on what you are about to watch:

These Brüno lookalike's ripped off some of my signature creations. A desperate attempt to depart from their 80's style magic that should be applauded? Why did they steal my stuff? 

I tried to talk to the them back-stage at the "World Magic Awards 2009", trying to solicit an apology and learn what kind of moronic strategy they where perusing. Had no luck... They insist that they have come up with carbon copies of my work completely independent from ever seeing me perform. WTF? Somebody please sponsor to have their heads examined (and to have their hair rearranged).  

I guess a little comparison video was in place to get the discussion going on "theft and imitation" and to add some drama to their rather dull career.

P.S.: They are now trying to slam me with some copyright infringement notice for this video? How crazy is that? No idea where this video came from ;-)

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