Friday, October 2, 2009 at 01:35AM
Dodd Vickers

In June, Luke Jermay debuted his show "Mental" at O'Shea's in Las Vegas. Yesterday, he told the Las Vegas Sun what people that attend can expect:

You can expect to have your mind read. No two shows are ever the same. It keeps things fresh. In terms of what you will see, people are chosen at random and are told personal information about themselves that I should not know. Obviously there are theatrical dips and valleys and so on. That’s the core of the show, for me to look at somebody and tell them information about themselves that nobody else should know. One of the other things people enjoy about my show is I don’t try and hide the methods and how they work. I’m very comfortable with what I don’t mind explaining what just happened. That’s as entertaining as not telling somebody how something happened. But it’s impossible to really explain it in depth because it’s a long, drawn out process.

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