Wednesday, October 21, 2009 at 06:25AM
Dodd Vickers

Photo: Perry has discovered card flourishing via Dynamo.  In the November issue they profiled the "Hip Hop Inspired Florisher" in ana article in which he discussed the connection, and disconnection between magic and flourishing.

"When I walk around I imagine I'm in an Usher music video, so when I'm using the cards I naturally do flourishes with them," says Dynamo. "Magic used to be about the Vegas showman, but now things are getting a bit cooler and some of the established magicians see flourishing as a threat. They think that magic and flourishing shouldn't mix – that magicians should look magical, as if they don't have special skills. But they are slowly realising that we are too powerful to be taken on."

For those inspired to learn more, Wired recommends the websites decknique & thecuso

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