Friday, November 20, 2009 at 11:39AM
Dodd Vickers

When asked if his penchant for collecting ephemera related to unusual performances is an obsession:

Yeah. I mean, sure. I’d be reluctant to eliminate the word “obsession” from phases of my life. Sitting with a deck of cards in your hand all day is an obsession. Visiting print shops and bookstores and libraries is an obsession. And writing about this is an obsession. I think, in general, most collectors are obsessed. I think the only form of a rationalized greed is when you’re collecting something you are supposedly serious about.

Talking about his role as Eddie Sawyer in Deadwood:

Well, maybe saving the craziest for last, huh? I hope you like the show. I just thought it was a remarkable show. But I will say that life offstage of Deadwood was as dangerous as it was onstage. 

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