Thursday, May 14, 2009 at 12:28PM
Dodd Vickers in magician

Penn & Teller have taken aim at the Transportation Security Administration in their live performances by introducing a set piece which Penn first discussed via Twitter. USA Today recently caught up with the duo and describe it as "a brand new bit for which Penn & Teller purchased their very own TSA-style metal detector creates a platform for discussing the Fourth Amendment, the section of the Bill of Rights that addresses unreasonable searches and seizures." Penn elaborates by saying,

"The bit is essentially comparing magicians, who earn their living by doing things that are sneaky and disingenuous, with bad people who do things that are sneaky and disingenuous," Jillette explains.

In addition to that real metal detector, Penn & Teller bring out one of those wands we've all had waved over us at the airport when the change in our pocket or the wire from our bra causes the machinery to beep. An audience member is invited up on stage to make sure the equipment is working, and when Jillette's pocket beeps he hands over a playing-card-sized piece of metal that just happens to have the Bill of Rights printed on it with the Fourth Amendment highlighted. Jillette says it usually elicits a big laugh when he gives the audience-assistant the mini-metal Bill of Rights and tells him how much fun it will be if he keeps it in pocket when going through the security checkpoint at McCarran International Airport.

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