Saturday, May 9, 2009 at 11:02AM
Dodd Vickers in magician

In an email from Wayne Bernath we learned that Lance Burtonhas canceled his shows at the Monte Carlo Resort & Casino through June 2. According to Wayne, "During the Thursday night show, Lance twisted his right foot but managed to finish The show. It was discovered that the foot had been fractured when it was x-rayed on Friday. Lance Burton and his "Master Magician" show will return to their normal schedule on Tuesday, June 2. This is the first time Lance Burton has broken a bone during and of the 15,000 shows that he has performed over 30 years, or during his 13 years at the Monte Carlo. He is going in for treatment on Monday morning by an orthopedic surgeon. The doctor says it should take two to four weeks to heal. All tickets are refundable from the point of purchase." Norm offers further details on the incident in his LVRJ column :: "The accident occurred 15 minutes into the show as Burton was preparing to do the floating bird cage with Elvis the bird. When Elvis flew into the audience, Burton left the stage and retrieved the bird. The injury took place when the entertainer twisted his right foot on his way up the steps."

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