Monday, June 15, 2009 at 12:01PM
Dodd Vickers

Our good friend Brian Brushwood is hoping that the Magic Community will get behind his effort to get a magic related podcast to the #1 position on iTunes. Brian hosts Scam School on Revision 3 and has popped in and out of the top rankings in various categories since the show started and was even listed as one of the Top Podcasts for 2008, but the #1 position has evaded his grasp. In the tradition of his show, he needs your help to Scam his way to the top. 

Hey Dodd

I wanted to let you know about a scheme I’ve hatched to make a magic podcast (Scam School) trick its way into hitting the #1 spot on iTunes this week, and to see if you thought there would be an opportunity to get the word out to the online magic community..

The project’s called “Operation iScam,” and the details are here:http://OperationiScam.com

The whole thing goes down on Thursday at 6pm, and if we can get the magic community excited, should be a helluva fun time, and a major win for magic!


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