Thursday, June 4, 2009 at 03:28PM
Dodd Vickers

David Carradine  was found dead in a Bangkok hotel room at the age of 72. Media reports indicate that the veteran actor,  best known for his roles in "Shane," "Kung Fu" and the "Kill Bill" movies, committed suicide. Why is this mentioned on a Magic News site? David was a huge fan of magic, was a member of the Magic Castle, could often be found at the Friday lunches and was a bit of a Houdini aficionado as well. In addition, in 1998, Carradine and his brother starred in the feature film "The Effects of Magic." The Plot: The effects of magic begin with misdirection, the rest is in the hands of the magician. Roody, son of a great magician and absentee father, runs a costume company with his slightly eccentric mother. But his pet rabbit (who narrates the story) decides it's time Roody had a change from business to entertaining with slight of hand tricks he stores in the basement. The bunny arranges for him to meet a young woman who could also use a change from the way her life has been going. However, all plans are put off when Roody's father returns for the mysterious magic cabinet that used to be part of his act. With all these twists in his life, Roody starts to learn how magic can effect everyone. David Carridine plays the Cabinet Maker.

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