Sunday, July 5, 2009 at 10:00AM
Dodd Vickers

Robin Leach thinks that Steve Wyrick's "Death Drop", which was performed yesterday to promote the opening of Chester Bennington's new Club Tattoo retail store, went up in flames while the description in his column makes it sounds as it it was performed as planned. According to Leach, "Plans called for ropes to be tied around the case with the shackled magician trapped inside. It was then to be hoisted 80 feet in the air by a crane, and as the last rope burned, the case would plunge in a harrowing and terrifying fall and crash onto 500 burning spikes. At the last 20 feet, Steve was to jump clear onto a rappelling rope and escape to safety.Instead, the burning ropes around the case engulfed it, even when it was just a few feet in the air. Chester and crew ran to extinguish the flames, but miraculously Steve had vanished. Seconds later, Steve reappeared flying in on a helicopter, and everybody breathed a sigh of relief." A television news report cleared things up when they revealed that the curtain behind the prop had in fact caught fire unexpectedly and that a crew member suffered minor injuries as a result.

Article originally appeared on The Magic Newswire (http://www.linkingpage.com/).
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