Monday, July 6, 2009 at 11:20AM
Dodd Vickers

The Chicago Tribune has published an extensive profile of Ed Marlo following the release of Bill Malone's new DVD set on the Chicago Conjuror. "Marlo: Behind the Magic" primarily focuses on Bill Malone as the source, but also includes some info from Eugene Burger on the history of close-up magic. But this story isn't just about Marlo, rather one of teacher and student. Of one man owing his mentor for the success he's achieved and, in return, paying tribute to his teacher in the highest regard possible: by introducing his work to a new generation. That protege is Bill Malone, and the South Side native has released a 12-hour, 6 DVD set for magicians called "Malone Meets Marlo," the most comprehensive collection of Marlo tricks assembled on film."What was to be a project thanking Marlo for what he gave me," Malone said, "ended up with me owing him even more. It was like sitting with my mentor all over again." READ THE COMPLETE ARTICLE  

As a compliment to the piece, they have also listed what they refer to as the "5 Best Card Tricks Ever Invented" including Oil & Water, Out of this World, Card Warp & Ambitious Card.

Bill Malone performs Ed Marlo from The Cheeseburger Show on Vimeo.

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