Tuesday, September 22, 2009 at 10:11AM
Dodd Vickers

“Keith Barry’s Granddad Murdered” is the front page headline on today’s Evening Herald here in Ireland.  Paddy Barry was attacked in his County Waterford home last Wednesday during a violent burglary and according to the Herald passed away from his injuries at 5 30 am this morning at Waterford Regional Hospital.

 After the initial incident Keith went on a national radio phone-in show calling for emergency legislation to protect homeowners against intruders.  “My whole family are really shocked and upset that this could have happened,” he told the Evening Herald.

He went on to say “I’m going to ask the whole country this coming week to shut down, drop what they are doing, until the Government does something to improve the situation to protect ourselves and our homes.”

Addressing our Taoiseach (Irish equivalent of Prime Minister pronounced ‘thee shock’) he continues “Have I got your attention now Brian Cowen? I’m going to shut the country down.”

While Keith is an old hand at the publicity game this is something he would not wish to be on the front pages for.  I am certain that and  speak for the magic community in offering our most sincere condolences to Keith and family at this difficult time.

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