Wednesday, September 23, 2009 at 02:34AM
Dodd Vickers

Ben Harris has released three exciting new apps for the iphone. It's been a a long hard road getting to this point, making sure everything is just right, and testing to the hilt. Visit now and check out full descriptions and VIDEO CLIPS OF EACH APP IN ACTION.

Yes, that's right. perform this amazing card effect on your iphone. A card is named and then WHAMMO the SINGLE ON SCREEN CARD is flipped by the spectator to reveal a match!

This is just SO MUCH FUN. Turn the LUPE into an X-RAY DEVICE, allowing you to view down into the guts of the iphone. THEN, X-RAY DEEPER, all the way thru to your fingers! Check out the video, the GAMMA RAY TO THE BONE FEATURE will freak your friends.

Here's a card revelation your friends will long remember. Activate the TUNNEL VIEWER and X-RAY thru the backs of cards to reveal their identities and even their positions in the deck. Produce a stunning half and half final image which you can then email as a keepsake. Fun and EASY!

All three apps are available RIGHT NOW for your iphone or ipod touch. These are genuine apps, no jailbreaking required. Once downloaded they run without an internet connection. All have multiple options and a truly lovely touchy-feely interface.

So check it all out now, read the full descriptions, view the video demonstrations and download your "Signature App" today.

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