Wednesday, September 9, 2009 at 10:06AM
Dodd Vickers

This morning, The Stage (UK) released an article discussing Blackpool as the home of the 2012 FISM convention and Paul Daniels'  comments on the town which he posted in the Genii Forums. He told the stage that Blackpool could not, "compare with the mostly continental venues that have hosted FISM over the years” because it does not have the “cultural level, design or style of the other places that FISM has been to”.  FISM 2012 Convention President Derek Lever responded to Daniel's comments saying that Paul was a "C-List celebrity" who is not invited to the Annual Blackpool convention and who would not be invited to the 2012 FISM. Lever also responded to criticism of him for banning people from attending Blackpool and concerns that they might also be prevented from attending FISM in 2012. According to the article,  "he ( Lever) admitted that a “small number” of people had been banned from attending the club’s annual convention, but said he was not aware of anyone being banned from FISM."  I guess that means that Paul can attend if he likes, but would not be "invited" to attend? The good news is that this appears to confirm what FISM International President Eric Eswin said in his interview with us regarding "bannings."

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