Sunday, March 21, 2010 at 02:34PM
Dodd Vickers

From our friend Ed Alonzo we learn of his continued work to develop magic within the music industry.

"I spent almost 12 hours working for Usher on the set of his new music video "OMG" Oh My Gosh, in Culver City Ca. A mysterious red pocket handkerchief is snatched out of Usher's jacket breast pocket by one of the hot girl dancers. As she walks away the hank floats back to Ushers coat pocket.  I'm now in the early stages of creating more magic and Illusions for some of his other projects and for his end of the year concert tour." 

In addition, Ed was hired to re-stage and add new magic and gags to a big production number in Cirque Du Soliel's new Broadway show, Banana Shpeel which is set to open in NY  in  April 2010.  The main magic segment involves two Modern type cabinets. The actors vanish and reappear from one to the other quickly like the old Key Stone Cops gag in and out the doors.

Stay tuned for more info and visit Cirque Here for Details.

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