Wednesday, August 4, 2010 at 09:45AM
Dodd Vickers

From Outlaw EffectsThere was a loud rapping at the front door that night.

They opened the door and let him in. They all died that night, all of them.

For years the house sat vacant a decaying monument to the horror of what had occurred there.

People would drive past the home and stare. Children would cross the road rather than walk past the “place where it happened”.

One day a newcomer came to town and purchased the property for a very fair price. 

He tore the place down of course, but in the rubble he found something that interested him, the brass door knocker still attached to a plank from the front door.

He should have left it, but he didn‘t. He shouldn’t have opened the door, but he did.

Knocker is under your control at all times and can even be performed while a spectator is holding it!  Comes with the folding oak stand.

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