Tuesday, April 24, 2012 at 12:43PM
Dodd Vickers

From the New Yorker Culture Desk

If you’re a middle-school student on a field trip to the Liberty Science Center—a New Jersey rite of passage—you might get interrupted in the middle of exploring the high-speed wind tunnel or taunting the poisonous dart frogs and be quietly pulled aside by one of the museum’s employees. You’ll be escorted, with your class, to the basement, past the Global Microscope, and through a door marked “Authorized Employees Only.” Down a warehouse-like corridor lined with crates of cafeteria-bound imperishables, you’ll reach a secluded back room that is flooded with fluorescent light and dominated by a large glass tank of water. Inside the tank will be David Blaine. He’ll explain that you’re about to see a dress rehearsal for a show he’s developing in which he submerges himself under water for several minutes—holding his breath, of course—and performs a series of debonair tricks that, to the naïf, would seem to require air.


It sounds a bit like the Dressed for Dinner video that we posted some months ago. In case you missed it, watch it here:

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