Tuesday, June 12, 2012 at 12:26PM
Dodd Vickers
According to the NY Times, magician RJ Williams has been charged in a string of Bank Robberies in Brooklyn.

The authorities said the man, Robert J. Williams, 22, had robbed six banks, including three last Friday. He was arrested on Wednesday after returning to a bank that the police believe he robbed last week, the authorities said. Mr. Williams was in the process of writing a demand note on the back of a deposit slip at Apple Bank in the Midwood section, the police said, when a teller recognized him and their eyes locked. Mr. Williams disappeared out the door without any money, the police said, but two bank employees followed him and saw him slip into a doorway, reappearing after a quick change of clothes.

You can see Williams in action, eating a bulb not robbing the bank of course, in this video:

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