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Day Six of FISM 2012 ... 

The much-anticipated FISM General Assembly meeting is at 10 am to decide the location of FISM 2015 - Italy or Korea ... and vote for the new Presidium to replace outgoing International President, Eric Eswin.

Despite the doom and gloom after last night's abortion of a gala - a stellar line-up of some truly unbelievable magic awaits in the Finalists show - followed by the Grand Prix announcement. 

Stay tuned ... and let's hope the trophies aren't given out in brown paper bags.


FISM General Assembly Report

The final day of our Blackpool marathon of magic began with over 3 hours of magic officialdom in the FISM General Assembly ... and a startling reminder as to just how removed from the 21st century some societies are.

So concerned with their petty issues – they’re completely blind to how irrelevant they have become. Rather than lamenting the fact that no one in the real world cares about magic, they should be more concerned about why no one in the little world of magic cares about them. Ask any young magician whether they even know of FISM – or are interested in the slightest about joining their local magic club with its ageing dinosaurs – and they may be horrified at the answer.

Major orders of business were the election of the new Presidium and the decision on where FISM 2015 would be held. 

After Derek Lever’s impassioned plea for votes in the front page of the official FISM programme ( in what could best be described as ‘junior high’ campaigning ) it was always destined to be an interesting meeting with far reaching consequences.

The mere thought of the narcissistic Derek Lever ( thanks Dustin ) gaining ‘office’ and destroying the joyous celebration of magic that is FISM – mobilised the largest number of opposing candidates in recent history. And delivered to the man who’s photograph appears no less than 8 times in the official program – a crushing defeat ... 
Congratulations go to newly elected President, Domenico Dante, and Vice Presidents, Gerrit Brengman and Peter Din – who will now take FISM forward.

Outgoing President, Eric Eswin, selfishly gave over a decade of service to the organisation and established a platform that will hopefully allow the World Championships of Magic to continue to grow in years to come. The General Assembly overwhelmingly voted for him to be presented with Honorary Presidency.

In contrast to the General Assembly of Beijing 2009 where delegates received a black & white photocopied Blackpool booklet, set on a typewriter, with actual cut and paste marks - delegates were provided with two exceptionally high quality bids from both Italy & Korea ... evidence of hours of work, thought and most importantly passion by the organising teams. These were professional bids by professional people.

After concerted lobbying by both countries – Korea were unable to sway enough votes away from early favourite, Italy ... and 3 years from now we will be enjoying the allure of the sea-side town of Rimini.

In a very encouraging development – and one that gives hope for the future of FISM - both teams were headed by young and dynamic people – with new ideas and a love for magic. I am looking forward to seeing Italy bring to life their plans for FISM 2015 ... and sincerely hope that Korea allow us all the opportunity of experiencing their dynamism in 2018.

... awards & "closing gala show" to follow
Yu Ho Jin and Yann Frisch (Photo by Martti Siren)FISM 2012 Winners
Grand Prix stage – Yu Ho Jin
Grand Prix close up – Yann Frisch

1st Place – General magic – Marko Karvo – finland
2nd Place – General Magic - les chapeaux blancs - France
2nd Place - General Magic - Won Keun Ha - Korea
3rd Place – General Magic - Tana mang – Portugal

Most Original in Stage - Ted Kim

1st Place – comedy magic – Doble Mandoble – Belgium
2nd Place – comedy magic - Mikael szaniel – France
3rd Place – comedy magic - Jean-phlippe Loupi – France

1st place – Manipulation – Yu Ho Jin – Korea
2nd place – Manipulation - Lukas – Korea
3rd place – Manipulation - Kim hyun joon – Korea

1st place – parlor – Yann Frisch – France
2nd place – parlor - Matthew Wright – England
2nd place – parlor – Johan Stahl – Sweden
3rd - parlor- pierric - Switzerland

1st place cards – Jan Logemann – Germany
2nd place cards – Patrick Lehnen – Germany
3rd place cards – Zeki Yoo – Korea

1st place micro magic – Andost – USA
2nd place micro magic – Jaque - Spain
3rd place micro magic – Red Tsai – Taiwan
3rd place micro magic - Vittorio Belloni - Italy

1st place illusions – Marcel Prince of illusions – Netherlands
2nd place illusions - Cubic act – France
3rd place illusions - Guy Barrett - UK

1st place Mentalism -Not Awarded
2nd place mentalism – Kristoph Kuch – Germany
3rd place mentalism – Christian Bischof – Switzerland

Invention Award – Tango – Argentina
Most Original in Close-up – Simon Coronel – Australia
Creativity and artistic vision – Teller
History, research and scholarship – Mike Caveney
Theory – Eugene Burger

Honorary president of fism - Eric eswin