Sunday, July 15, 2012 at 02:37PM
Dodd Vickers

According to a report from, Magician Keith Barry passed out during a performance of his new show at the Olympia Theater in Dublin.

The report sasy that Barry "fell unconscious while performing a trick in which he is tied to a chair with his face wrapped in cling film. Barry collapsed before he could free untie himself and remove the cling film. 

The dangerous dare is performed at the high point of his show 'Eight Deadly Sins.' The trick consists of Barry being tied to a chair with 100 feet of rope by two of the strongest audience members, who are offered €500 if they can successfully tie him to the chair.

The illusionist's head is then wrapped in cling film so he is not able to breathe at all."

This has happened once before o Barry, also while performing at the Olympia.


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