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Wonder Thunder

Episode #1 : Why saw a woman in half? What is the connection between a deck of cards & the calendar. Remote card location.

Episode #2: Espionage, jealousy & murder among magicians. Adam calls his arch nemesis Richard Vegas.

Episode #3:The first aircraft pilot down under was a magician and a live random number challenge via phone.

Episode #4: Bar stunts, Alice Cooper as a magician and magic used in pop concerts.



So now we come to the end. The final day of the Essential Magic Conference has ended and the videos are online for member streaming.  If you think you missed it, you're wrong. There is still time to sign-up and watch every session streaming and to get the complete DVD set when they ship. Do it now and you won't be disappointed! 


  • Eric Mead hosts and Armando Lucero opens with a discussion on the defintion of "magic." He talks a bit about his start as a performer and discusses how you can create "magic."
  • Richard Wiseman talked about perception with video clips and pictures illustrating his thoughts his points and ended by performing an efect.
  • Luis Piedrahita performed a matrix with coins and bubble wrap.
  • Steve Cohen discussed Hofzinzer and how h has recreated the salon environment for his performances. 
  • Yann Frisch was next with a fantastic presentation on creativity.   
  • Dr Gene Matasure stepped up with a fascinating talk about  Winston Freer. I have to admit that I knew nothing of Freer before this and now I want to learn more.
  • Bill Kalush presented all EMC attendees with a free month of access to Ask Alexaner and revealed a new translation feature which will allow you to translate the more that 2.5 million pages of content that they have archived into any language!
  • Next was an interview of Paul Harris by Richard Wiseman. This alone may be worth the price of admission!
  • And the session wraps with an audience Q&A
  • Hosted by Guy Hollingworth
  • Stan Allen covers a lot of ground. Everything from supporting the local magic shop & community to how to price your act, don't do "kids" magic for kids,  timing, creativity and more.
  • Michel Clavello with a great performance
  • David Blaine & Friends bonus event - Kalush, Blaine & Harris just chatting. Fun stuff!
  • Luis Piedrahita hosting a weekly magic show
  • Dynamo performs
  • Derren Brown interview via skype. Sadly, Skype failed but Guy will be interviewing him in person and it will be added to the DVD's
  • Woody Aragon Performed several card effects
  • Panel discussion on Astonishment with Paul Daniels, Dynamo, Paul Harris, Eric Mead. Hosted by Guy Hollingworth. 
  • Mike Caveney presents a video of a performance from the Magic History Conference with explanations to follow in the next session
  • Q&A


  • Luis de Matos Hosts
  • Mike Caveney explaining the illusions previously presented
  • Yann Frisch performed and discussed the importance of attitude. There is much more to this that you must see
  • Marvin Berglas interviews Dynamo
  • Topas  presents the The Hawaiian Mystery
  • Dani Da Ortiz presents a talk on remembering the expectations of the spectator
  • Tina Lennart performed in her classic style
  • Skype interview with Teller. Once again, the connection was bad but Luis will interview him later and include it on the DVDs
  • Gaetan Bloom Performace rocks the house with a funny and entertaining final performance
  • Final Q&A