Saturday, July 7, 2012 at 10:31AM
Dodd Vickers

"Inside Your Mind" by Derren Brown launches in the U.S. today on Hulu! Inside Your Mind is a compilation of the best routines and effects demonstrated by Derren in the Mind Control specials and series.  From the UK DVD Release:

Inside your Mind is a great introduction to the considerable skills of the only living Jedi Master. His show, Mind Control debuted on Channel 4 in the wake of a resurgence of interest in magic spearheaded by David Blaine. But what Derren Brown does hardly falls into the category of sleight-of-hand--his "magic" is firmly grounded in the workings of the mind and psychology. The result is a fascinatingly mysterious, but definitely not psychic, phenomenon.

This programme takes the best bits of the series and condenses them into a manual of mind reading. Brown uses the power of suggestion, body language and basic psychology to predict and alter people's behaviour, be it using subliminal messages to make a couple of creatives come up with exactly the same ad for a chain of taxidermists; counting cards in a casino; or guessing someone's PIN simply by watching the subconscious movements their fingers make when they are thinking of the number--all of which will have you shaking your head at the TV wondering how he did it. Derren Brown is a showman of Barnum-esque proportions whose charisma, charm and originality have won him more fans than detractors. Just like the Matrix, no-one can be told what Derren Brown is, you have to experience him for yourself.

You can find out more about the Mind Control programmes on Derren's website.  WATCH IT HERE

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