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Wonder Thunder

Episode #1 : Why saw a woman in half? What is the connection between a deck of cards & the calendar. Remote card location.

Episode #2: Espionage, jealousy & murder among magicians. Adam calls his arch nemesis Richard Vegas.

Episode #3:The first aircraft pilot down under was a magician and a live random number challenge via phone.

Episode #4: Bar stunts, Alice Cooper as a magician and magic used in pop concerts.



Another titan of our craft has fallen. Today we mourn the passing of Ricky Jay. Though I never managed to get him to agree to an interview on the podcast, Ricky was hugely influential on me and my love of close up magic.

Born in 1948 as Richard Jay Potash, "Ricky Jay" is considered to be one of the most significant figures in close up magic. Mark Singer, writing for "The New Yorker" called Jay "perhaps the most gifted sleight of hand artist alive".

Thank you Ricky. You will be sorely missed.

“The book says we may be through with the past, but the past ain’t through with us”
Ricky Jay

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